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Birk - Wannabe Singer

Woman Of The Year, Sifan Hassan

Woman Of The Year - Iris de Graaf

Vlisco - Happy Mothers Day

Thank you Mum. This Mother’s Day, we were inspired by the influence that mothers have on their children. How children grow from that influence, and how it builds their character. To celebrate this bond, we invited families from 5 different countries — Togo, Benin, DRC, Ghana and Ivory Coast — to share the lessons they’ve learned, and express the emotional bonds that build who we are.

15 iconic portraits of Dutch creativity.

THE NEW STIJL celebrates Dutch creativity beyond borders. More than 50 creatives; designers, artists, photographers, architects and more, brought together in an iconic 500+ page book. 
The result — a truly striking visual showcase of creativity in The Netherlands today.

Left: Iris van Herpen, right: Sabine Marcelis

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S10 for LINDA. magazine

Lavinia Meijer

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