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Maastricht University, Tapijnkazerne

On Monday, the artwork of photographer Robin de Puy was unveiled in the renovated carré building at the Tapijnkazerne. It is a gallery of portraits - including those of Maastricht students - that together should express the diversity that Maastricht University stands for. The photos are printed on the thirty-meter long awning that hangs in front of the glass facade at the entrance.

De Puy came to Maastricht in January to take pictures of students in the Bonnefanten Museum and at UM Sport. Earlier, she already photographed a pregnant woman and a 90-year-old. “These portraits must together form a kind of lifeline,” De Puy said at the time. “I usually start with a form. Then I’m going to fill it in with faces. I always think it’s a bit like sculpting.”

To see the final series, please click here.

SREBRENICA is Dutch history

On July 11 2020 it will be exactly 25 years since the genocide in Srebrenica took place. More than 8.000 Bosnian Muslim men and underage boys were murdered. The Dutch UN Battalion Dutchbat was supposed to provide protection. As the Bosnian Serb forces came to take over the enclave, Dutchbat was vastly outnumbered and were far too lightly equipped to repel the more heavily armed Bosnian Serb troops. It also had its request for air support to the UNPROFOR denied. Subsequently, the Serbian forces, under Mladić’s command, led Srebrenica’s Bosniak male inhabitants into the mountains, where thousands of them were massacred. This is the largest genocide in Europe since World War II.

Srebrenica is Dutch history is a campaign which demands attention for the Srebrenica genocide, the role of the Netherlands and its 25th anniversary in the Netherlands.

Photographer Robin de Puy made 25 portrait photos of Bosnian Dutch women and men of 25 years old. All photographed have roots in Bosnia, but are born or raised in the Netherlands. Their double identity symbolizes the interconnectedness of Dutch and Bosnian history. The temporary monument consists of large format prints of the 25 photos placed in a circle on the Plein. Within this circle the physical commemoration will take place on July 11, after which the temporary monument will remain for three weeks.

If you also feel that the genocide should have a more prominent place in Dutch history education and should be taught in an inclusive manner. If you agree, please sign the petition here.

Srebrenica is Dutch History shows all 25 portraits, background-information and personal stories.

Jane Goodall LINDA. magazine

Marc de Hond 1977 - 2020

George Floyd's life mattered Protest in Amsterdam

“This is
a message as clear as
the sky behind it. He was
a man callously snuffed,
surrounded by witnesses,
as if a scene in a bad movie.
But George Floyd was real,
this real life. The air that
he breathed ended by the
iron knee of another man,
an officer, sworn to protect.
George Floyd’s life mattered,
and now so does his death.”

by Patti Smith.

Too close in a house called Ceres.

For those who wondered what it is like to be a creative soul during this time.

Director: Robin de Puy
DOP: Maarten van Rossem
Editor: Bjorn Mentink
Sounddesign: Gijs Stollman
Grading: Maarten van Rossem
w/ VPRO Mondo

Iconic and Blind Embracing fashion as a blind person.

Styling: Thomas Vermeer
Muah: Sandra Govers

Fallon, Nevada Shaped by life.


Baby Uli #specialbeauties

When I was a girl named Red... Sturgis, Dakota

“I ended my week with Red. Or rather: Brittney now. She was waving vividly in a short, tied-up skirt along the road. Lots of jewelry, stiletto heels, purple eyeliner. The only thing she managed to harvest was an occasional wink. I ran into her twice. I saw that she saw that I saw her. Who was she? She started our conversation with “when I was a girl named Red …” and not she, but I was sold. Small, fragile, short hair and freckled from head to toe due to some rare condition. “I no longer know what is true and what is not,” she told me. I understood her better than she thought. She was inspiring and had stories that could not have been told in just one evening. She was a poet, writer and artist, but - in her own words - everything was stolen from her.”

I am ready for 2020 Are you?

Edition of 7
70 x 52,5 cm or 140 x 105 cm
Fine art print on Fiba print baryta paper

Robinde Puy