Nomination De Tegel 2023

Yay! We are nominated for ‘De Tegel - Storimans’ with our series The Americans.

De Tegel is a prestigious award for journalism in the Netherlands. Tegels are awarded annually to those who have written (or in our case: photographed / filmed) outstanding pieces in the field of journalism.

15 iconic portraits of Dutch creativity.

THE NEW STIJL celebrates Dutch creativity beyond borders. More than 50 creatives; designers, artists, photographers, architects and more, brought together in an iconic 500+ page book. 
The result — a truly striking visual showcase of creativity in The Netherlands today.


Left: Iris van Herpen, right: Sabine Marcelis

Do You Love Me?

"Do you love me? You don’t love me.” I SURE DO LOVE YOU, my dearest Randy! 
(Inspired by dr. R.D. Laing)


Savannah (18) has been living in this room with her two siblings, father, boyfriend, two dogs, and a lizard-like animal for two years. Before this, they did motel-hopping, and before that, they lived in a car.

"How did you guys end up in this situation?" I ask them.

The stories that follow are not only too big for a few small paragraphs, but certainly for the short lives of these young people. There is much suffering to be found in this 12m2 motel room. From being born into addiction, to maternal death from diabetes. From not wanting to live to not being able to live the way you want. From a kid having a kid to a dad wanting to die. 

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