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Reflecting on our turbulent times, Senator Bernie Sanders takes on the billionaire class and speaks blunt truths about our country’s failure to address the destructive nature of a system that is fueled by uncontrolled greed and rigidly committed to prioritizing corporate profits over the needs of ordinary Americans.

The Americans - Levi (35) from Casper, WY

Levi – the zombie I just discovered – presents me his house with pride. 

When I think of zombies I usually think of chaos and filthiness, but this one is remarkably organized. The boxes of cereals are neatly placed in a row and sorted by brand, his caps are sealed in plastic, and his bed is orderly made. Bella, his pit bull, sits on a panther blanket upon the couch and is wearing a red leather collar that matches Levi’s outfit. 

 "Why do you have that tattoo?" I point to the bloody-open-scull tattoo around his mouth. Levi firmly answers: "One: I love zombies. Two: it’s unique." As he is squeezing the words out, his body is twitching constantly and uncontrollably. 

Later, it becomes clear that the muscle spasms are caused by the hereditary Huntington's disease. Talking becomes more tiresome, as well as sitting, walking and sleeping. His grandmother also had this disease, and she died a slow death, a fate that also awaits Levi. "I am therefore hoping for an Apocalypse. COVID, but then worse. It could be any kind of disaster." Besides the fact that an Apocalypse will save him from a slow death, "the world can use a reset". 

Levi’s brain is slowly dying and if that wasn’t already enough, life has been though on him. After being abused at a young age, having to stop school, the death of his mother and grandmother, and on top of all that a meth addiction, he ends up in prison eventually. During his time in prison, he becomes friends with white supremacists. "You either eat or be eaten". He earns some swastikas on his back in ways he rather not mention. "But I had a high rank". Once he got out, he unlearned his hatred towards black people. The swastikas are covered up with deep black sawblades. "Now I just hate everybody equally." The room becomes silent. 

"I have been clean for two years now." I see a little smile. "My grandmother and mom were strippers. I would like to start my own, female-friendly strip club. Nobody judges you there. It is a kind of free counseling, you could say."

Finally, I start to understand why Levi is not terrifying me. Although Levi wishes for the death, I realize that he is telling me the opposite: by slowly dying, he comes closer to life.


Nomination De Tegel 2023

Yay! We are nominated for ‘De Tegel - Storimans’ with our series The Americans.

De Tegel is a prestigious award for journalism in the Netherlands. Tegels are awarded annually to those who have written (or in our case: photographed / filmed) outstanding pieces in the field of journalism.

15 iconic portraits of Dutch creativity.

THE NEW STIJL celebrates Dutch creativity beyond borders. More than 50 creatives; designers, artists, photographers, architects and more, brought together in an iconic 500+ page book. 
The result — a truly striking visual showcase of creativity in The Netherlands today.


Left: Iris van Herpen, right: Sabine Marcelis

Do You Love Me?

"Do you love me? You don’t love me.” I SURE DO LOVE YOU, my dearest Randy! 
(Inspired by dr. R.D. Laing)


Savannah (18) has been living in this room with her two siblings, father, boyfriend, two dogs, and a lizard-like animal for two years. Before this, they did motel-hopping, and before that, they lived in a car.

"How did you guys end up in this situation?" I ask them.

The stories that follow are not only too big for a few small paragraphs, but certainly for the short lives of these young people. There is much suffering to be found in this 12m2 motel room. From being born into addiction, to maternal death from diabetes. From not wanting to live to not being able to live the way you want. From a kid having a kid to a dad wanting to die. 

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